Hiking the Cavell Meadows Trail, Jasper National Park, Canada

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I’m Kati and these days I live on the Sunshine Coast in my adopted home country of Australia (16 years now, wow…). I take a fairly low-key approach to travel with lots of outdoorsy stuff (but not too crazy 🙂 ), road trips, camping, hiking but also city trips (but no fancy hotel reviews here 🙂 ).

I’ve lived in Australia for so long now that I often take the beauty around me for granted so this blog is a way of reminding myself of what’s out there.

I mostly share travel stories and photos from our adventures around Queensland, Australia and the greater beyond, with the occasional Tuesday postcard thrown in. Camp site reviews is another pet of mine (with a long backlog) but I keep them fairly low-key and highly subjective! 🙂

This year I want to explore more how travel, culture and identity are intertwined because living and travelling in another country does something to you. And I finally want to get to my stack of ideas around gluten-free eating and travel!

Where we are now…

For the past three years, my husband and I have called the Sunshine Coast in super sunny Queensland our home. Before that, I spent 13 years living in sports-mad Melbourne, Victoria. Some days I still miss it like crazy.

I hardly ever feel like I’ve quite got enough time for travel and exploring – who does? But I also have a day job that has nothing to do with this blog and that I’m passionate about as well. So since overseas or exotic places are often just not within reach, I end up doing armchair travelling and getting inspired by travel blogs and travel memoirs. In fact, working my way through my unread book piles (and they are high) is another thing that keeps me up at night…


This blog was born out of me trying to make sense of our newly adopted home in Queensland and adjusting to an even more outdoorsy lifestyle that usually begins at the crack of dawn. We initially set out on a quest to explore the south-eastern corner of Queensland as well as venturing further afield. We had to realise just how big Queensland is so to our dismay, we haven’t yet managed to venture very far. But we are determined to extend our stay in Queensland until we at least trek into the ominous Outback!

What we like doing…

I like keeping my feet firmly on the ground so road trips, 4WD-ing, bushwalking/hiking and bike riding are my kind of idea of discovering “uncharted territories”. I love exploring new cities by bike and can go a little crazy over making lists of places to see and then wanting to religiously tick them off to get a sense of achievement. Although I love a good city trip with museums and castles, these days I’m probably more comfortable in nature and roaming around there.

Whilst I’m not totally averse to anything up in the air, activities in open water are definitely not my cup of tea… seasickness hello! Rivers are great and the beaches in Australia are absolutely stunning, just don’t take me out on the ocean… I’m still to figure out how I’m going to experience the Great Barrier Reef without actually going on a boat… The husband, on the other hand, has had a few chances to be wowed by coral reefs and colourful sea life on sailing and diving trips. So at least I’ve got second hand experience! 🙂

How we travel…

As I said, we’re into low-key, inexpensive travel. It’s not that we don’t splurge or are always budget-conscious, it’s just that we’re happy to rough things a bit more. I love falling asleep to sound of the wind or waves in a simple tent or campervan away from the crowds.

Recently I’ve (re-)discovered the beauty of going unplugged, and hence have discovered that blogging and travel don’t actually go together, making me a rather sporadic contributor when we’re away!

about-camping byfield np

Camping at Byfield National Park, Queensland

Caravan, tourist or RV parks are not usually on our radar, though we do use them a bit when road tripping overseas (after all, even I want to have a shower every now and then). Since we can’t easily take our car and tent with us to the beyond places, we have hired tiny VW campervans in the past. We love travelling in this way as we can be independent and, importantly, cook our own food in line with my gluten-intolerance. Eating out is not really our thing.

about-campervanning in germany

Campervan-ing in the Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany

I’d love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment below.

Enjoy the blog!

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