A lazy kind of adventuring… Strolling along Dicky Beach

Some weekends are just like that… they are spent best with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. This last one was like that, except that I ended up exploring Dicky Beach around Caloundra at the southern end of the Sunshine Coast.


Ok, “exploring” might be a bit of an overstatement but we did have a look, strolled along the beach and had coffee and yummy gluten-free Macadamia & Raspberry cake at one of the cafes near Dicky Beach.

Dicky Beach has two interesting things… one, there’s this odd-looking shipwreck of the SS Dicky stranded on the beach (and of all things, it’s German-made!), and two, it’s an off-leash area for dogs so it’s sprawling with happy doggies. A bit cute and a bit not-for-me given my dog “phobia”… wouldn’t make for a very relaxing beach time for me… 🙂


Shipwreck of the SS Dicky, made in Hamburg in 1893. I guess, they couldn’t push her back into floating waters…


Evidence of the doggy beach :)In the carpark at Dicky Beach I found this…


I love these retro VW campervans! This one was all done up with tartan seat covers and a beautifully restored dash, gorgeous. Travelling around Australia in one of these would even relax me, I think. 🙂

And for something different… Found this bench outside the Giggling Goat Emporium (yep, it’s a cafe) in Dicky Beach. My kind of bench. Very cool. And Kusmi Tea… ah, I love Kusmi Tea.


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  1. Der Tee ist an sich sehr lecker, aber ich hab den Teebeutel leider etwas lange drinne gelassen. 🙁
    Na ja, also ich hab keine Hundephobie, aber ich steh einfach nicht so auf Hunde und gehen den meisten aus dem Weg. Wenn es liebe Knuddelhunde sind, hab ich auch kein Problem, aber manchmal weiss man das nicht so.
    Du wuerdest den Strand lieben! 😀


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