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Travelling the Inside Passage by ferry in southeast Alaska, 2016

Hello, welcome!

I’m Kati and these days I live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, in my adopted home country of Australia.

Even though I moved to Australia in my early 20s, I’ve never considered myself an expat. I studied and sort of just stayed. It’s been almost 17 years now, and I’m coming up to the point where I’ve lived half my life in Australia. That’s scary!

I used to live in sports-mad Melbourne, and some days I still miss it like crazy. I’m still adjusting to life in the sunshine state, even after almost four years. Sometimes I just find the sun annoying.

I’ve been teaching English for a fair few years now and love it. It’s hard work, I often work more than what’s good for me but my students never fail to delight me. Sometimes it feels like the world steps into my classroom!

The blog

This blog was born out of me trying to make sense of our newly adopted home in Queensland when we first moved here in late 2013.

We initially set out on a quest to explore the south-eastern corner of Queensland as well as “tackling all of Queensland”! To our dismay, we haven’t yet managed to venture very far. The husband is a little more determined than I am to extend our stay in Queensland until we at least trek into the ominous Outback! (Though we have recently made it into the Outback in the Northern Territory!)

You’ll find us taking a very low-key approach to travel like road trips, camping, hiking, bike riding but also city trips (but no fancy hotel reviews here). I’m not much good on or in water though I’ve lately contemplated the idea of trying out kayaking – on lakes, mind you.

Many posts focus on roadtripping and 4WD-ing around Queensland and Australia, my big backyard. I also write about roadtripping, hiking and camping in Canada (my recent travel love), Germany (my home) and other places. I basically love any place that still feels wild and remote.

about-camping byfield np

Camping at Byfield National Park, Queensland, Dec 2014

I don’t count countries, I didn’t even know that was a thing until I started reading a few more travel blogs.

Campsite reviews is another pet of mine (with a long backlog) but I keep them fairly low-key and highly subjective. 🙂 I also love history, culture, and identity, and how they intertwine but don’t often write about that. And I finally want to get to my stack of ideas around gluten-free eating and travel!

How we travel…

So… we’re into low-key, inexpensive travel. It’s not that we don’t splurge or are always budget-conscious, it’s just that we’re happy to rough things a bit more. I love falling asleep to sound of the wind or waves in a simple tent or campervan away from the crowds.

I’ve (re-)discovered the beauty of going unplugged, and hence realised that blogging and travel don’t actually go together, making me a rather sporadic contributor when we’re away!

Caravan, tourist or RV parks are not usually on our radar, though we do use them a bit when roadtripping overseas (after all, even I want to have a shower every now and then). Since we can’t easily take our car and tent with us to the beyond places, we have hired tiny VW campervans in the past. We love travelling in this way as we can be independent and, importantly, cook our own food in line with my gluten-intolerance. Eating out is not really our thing.

about-campervanning in germany

Campervan-ing in the Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany, June 2015

Questions? Comments? Want to come travelling?

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