Scenes from the river city Brisbane

Apparently Brisbane is called BrisVegas but I am yet to discover exactly why.

I have only managed to get there twice this year, which is probably why I haven’t worked out the BrisVegas thing, but Brisbane strikes me as a rather laid-back place, albeit with an annoying amount of traffic. And confusing toll roads. And one-way streets. Headaches, here we come…

View of South Bank and the Wheel of Brisbane from Victoria Bridge

What I already really like about Brisbane is the Brisbane River meandering through the city – lots of bridges, I love bridges! It’s trying to exude a cultured or sophisticated feel but coming from Melbourne and Berlin, this seems a bit small scale. But hey, they do have the Queensland Ballet so I can’t complain. 🙂

City skyline

I think there are meant to be lots of fantastic cafes and eateries and markets around as well but somehow there seems to be nothing that’s glamorous about BrisVegas, or at least not that I have seen… Maybe it’s called BrisVegas because of the giant Wheel of Brisbane they’ve erected at South Bank?? Somehow Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast strikes me as a vegas-esque type of tacky and crazy party town but Brisbane? Not so much…

Some find South Bank with its artificial beaches tacky but I think they’re great! Who wouldn’t want to have a beach in the middle of the city and be able to cool your feet on a warm winter’s day (ahh, I love Queensland… 😀 ).

I also love the City Botanic Gardens. We’ve got free tea & coffee there somewhere some years ago (yay!) but not sure if they still do that or even where exactly that was… 🙁

Here are a few more impressions from Brisbane so far…

Oh, and if you can’t find real kangaroos, you can just go to Brisbane and look at arty ones. Easy.

Adjusting to new heights… relaxing on the Gold Coast
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Getting close to kangas at Australia Zoo
Exploring the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens
9 Lessons I Learnt on Fraser Island
A lazy kind of adventuring… Strolling along Dicky Beach

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