Beach driving along the Burrum Coast

A couple of weeks ago, we turned a 2-day weekend into a long weekend and headed up some 250 km north to get a taste of the beaches along the Burrum Coast, just south of Bundaberg. And in true Queensland fashion, we had glorious weather for our September weekend getaway…

We first headed to the Kinkuna Section of Burrum Coast National Park. It’s only accessible by 4WD but with campsites just opposite the beach so great views guaranteed and lots of available spots. But you have to bring your own toilet. Meh… not a fan, so we didn’t stay.

Coonarr Beach, near the Kinkuna Section of Burrum Coast National Park

Along Sandy Track, Kinkuna Section, making our way to the beach

And then I got my first taste of what driving on the beach feels like…

Driving along the beach, Kinkuna Section – Finally, I’m in a car ON the beach!!

We set up camp at Burrum Point campground, which has fancy flush toilets and cold showers (not that I took the opportunity to have a cold shower… brrr… not that desperate in September), and lots of kookaburras.

The kookaburras went absolutely insane the next morning and started having a massive laugh fest at about 4:30 am… yay. Not that you sleep all that much when you go camping and I do love kookies but seriously, they could have waited another hour or so, right?

A female kookaburra. I love the males, they’re always nice and fluffy. 🙂

Since I was pretty much awake, I decided to get up and watch the sunrise over Burrum Point Beach instead.

Drift wood…

The best part about this trip though was getting out again. I’ve been so bogged down with work and uni, that it was just such a relief to get away for a few days. Best of all, I had time for this again…

Camping, a cup of tea and reading…

In fact, my entire Saturday was spent reading!! 🙂 Well… minus the most boring walk you could ever do where we got almost bitten to death by hideous mozzies. Melaleuca Track really doesn’t offer anything unless you’re keen on just walking for 12 km without seeing much of anything, and, of course, if you don’t mind those blood-sucking, pesky insects and enjoy flapping your arms around yourself like a maniac…

Low tide was in the late afternoon so I tore myself away from my book and we went for a drive to Woodgate (calling it Sleepy Town would be a serious understatement) and then back along the beach… So that was pretty much it for the Saturday. Totally relaxing… yay!! 🙂

Beach access at Woodgate

Pelican at Burrum Point. I don’t think he could have cared less about me creeping up to him…

On Sunday morning, we left Burrum Point via Walkers Point, an even sleepier fishing village with some nice views of the fishing bays of Burrum River. As you can guess, fishing is big up there and someone did want to do some fishing but, of course, we only realised once we had left home a good 40 min behind us that we had forgotten the fishing rods… so no fresh fish for dinner.

More sand driving as we’re leaving the national park

View of the fishing bays, Burrum River

On the way home, we stopped in Maryborough and also did another quick 4WD trek through Wongi State Forest.

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Summing Up…

Burrum Coast National Park is probably not the most picturesque place in the world but it’s a relaxing spot and pretty enough for a long weekend away. Unlike Rainbow Beach or Bribie Island, it’s nice and quiet so if you want a bit of peace, this is the place to go.


Check out Queensland National Park for more information, how to get there, the various camping sections, etc.



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