Camping at Eurimbula National Park: Review

If you’ve read my short post on our recent but quite unimpressive trip to Eurimbula National Park, you’ll know that we didn’t think very highly for our two nights there.

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The camping area would be in our bottom five of all times. Here’s why…



Not knowing any better, we had pre-booked our first night in Eurimbula at Middle Creek camping area. Middle Creek has two sections, one along the river and the other somewhat separately off on a hill.

When we did our quick scouting-for-the-best campsite drive-around, however, we felt like alien intruders at the creek-based camping area at Middle Creek. Music blaring and not a single greeting or slight nod. So we ended up camping on top of a hill where there was a family who felt equally uninspired by the area.

Whilst we did have a nice view of the creek and beach, we also got lots of mozzies and not much else. Not even a single spot of shade. Or grass. So glad we only stayed a night.

Eurimbula NP-3.jpg

Camping in the hill section at Middle Creek. With views, relentless sun and dirt.

Pros: Boating and fishing?? A view of some sort??
Cons: Boating and fishing?? Mozzies, no shade and overall uninspiring



The next morning we moved very swiftly to the other campground we had booked at Eurimbula, Eurimbula Creek. Still not hugely inspiring but the beach was close and at least we had some shade. However, as we discovered within an hour, this area is also a breeding ground for mozzies and other biting critters.


Our shady but insanely mozzie-infested campsite at Eurimbula Creek

Pros: Fairly close to Bustard Beach and shady campsites
Cons: The largest swarms of mozzies you’ve ever seen, generators, and no shower to wash off the salt water

Perhaps if you come at a different time, it might actually be enjoyable but in December, we probably had one of the least fun camping experiences at Eurimbula.

More information

If this does not put you off at all, check out Eurimbula National Park camping for more info campground facilities and how to book a site.

Not sure what the tents and mozzies mean? Check out my tents and mozzies guide.

Have you ever stayed at Eurimbula National Park? What has your experience been like?

Eurimbula National Park just around the corner from Agnes Water in sunny Queensland. It looks like an outdoor-lover's paradise but camping there wasn't quite as much fun as we had expected. Here's our campground review. 🌐 Queensland & Beyond.Cloud formations over Buzzard Beach at Eurimbula National Park

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