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Weird and crazy signs in Queensland…

Given how frequently I find myself being puzzled by signs in Queensland (and no, I’ve never come across quite so many randomly weird signs in Victoria), I thought I’d start a Signs Unique to Queensland series. 🙂 You’re welcome to help me work out what some of them could possibly mean…

Here are my candidates, some of which you may seen before.

At Big Bend campsite (Carnarvon Gorge), pointing to the toilets… my guess was Don’t wash your saucepan with a toothbrush.

At D’Aguilar National Park, randomly along the 4WD-track… Park your car under a tree when you want to take a break, it’s nice and shady??

At Doggrell Forest Trail (Great Sandy National Park), along the walking track past large trees… Don’t walk off the path, there’s DANGER in capitals looming?? What, like a tree that I could run into??! I’ve never seen red signs like these along a walking track (even signs warning you of unfenced cliffs are less conspicuous!).

Along the fishing bays at Burrum River… I’m actually quite lost on this one. Maybe… Don’t break the tree in half because…??


That’s it for now but fear not, there are more… 😀 I wonder who thinks up these signs?? Do they do any user testing??

ps: Dear Queenslanders, sorry for poking fun at you but I can’t help it. Some of these signs are just too ridiculous to not share and chuckle at… 🙂

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  1. Vielleicht soll man seine Pfanne aber auch nicht bürsten während sie im Wasser ist… elektrische Ladung und so.

    Und der Baum vom zweiten Schild könnte auch Australien auf einem Stock sein 😀

    Aber das Danger Schild solltest du beachten, sonst endest du wie alle deutschen Touristen in Australien.

  2. Haha, Australien aufm Stock, das ist super!! 😀

    Goodly, goodly, ja, ich werd versuchen, nicht vom Pfad abzukommen… will ja schliesslich nicht von einem Krokodil gefressen werden.


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