Fernweh Postcard from Wilsons Prom

Canada is absolutely incredible and boasts some dramatic scenery that is vastly different from anything you’ll ever see in Australia. But whilst it has its own spectacular coastlines, it just cannot compete with Australia on one level: beaches.

If you’ve grown up outside of Australia like I have, you will probably understand just how beautiful the beaches here are once you arrive and spend a day at the beach. If you’ve grown up here, you probably think that beaches around the world all look this amazing – that is until you travel and realise they don’t. 🙂

Squishy white sand, turquoise water, little coves, wide stretches of beach as far as you can see, and endless waves. Australia has it all. Not everywhere but there are tons of beaches that are just gorgeous.

The beaches in Victoria and Tasmania are especially stunning, so here’s one that I love: Norman Beach at Wilsons Promontory National Park, in Victoria, some three hours east of Melbourne. The Prom is one of my all-time favourite places, and if you only visit one beach in Australia, make it this one!

I’ve resurrected an ancient photo from a glorious winter’s day in July 2007 so excuse the somewhat pixelated sky that a very old camera produced.


View from Mount Oberon onto Norman Bay, Wilsons Prom

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