Fernweh Postcard from Machu Picchu, Peru

In this age of digital snapshot overload, I’ve got thousands of photos that I’m unlikely to dig out at regular intervals let alone do anything useful with. But… I do have some photos that remind me of special places or moments, rekindle and spark my sense of adventure, or simply make my heart ache with Fernweh (What’s that? See below…).

So this is my first Fernweh postcard I’d like to share.

Three years ago, almost to the day (as Google keeps reminding me! 🙂 ), I was in Peru, being gob-smacked by mighty Machu Picchu. After four days of trekking across the Andes on the Salkantay Trail, reaching Machu Picchu was an incredible reward. Despite the crowds (though as we had come early, they weren’t too bad), I still remember the eerie feeling of standing on sacred ground that the Inca ruins evoked.

Since I never really managed to share any photos from my Peru trip, here’s one that brings it all back to me (including the obligatory llamas!).

So, what’s Fernweh?

Fernweh is quintessentially German, a yearning to see the world and go out adventuring. And Germans are world champions when it comes to travelling. So it’s no wonder that we have a word that expresses our longing for just that (it was even the Word of the Week of the German Missions in the US in 2011!).

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