Adjusting to new heights… relaxing on the Gold Coast

For a week, I get to trade one Queensland coast for another, and have so far found myself enjoying some much needed rest, reading time, shopping, and some amazingly muggy and not so fantastic weather. Well, yesterday that is… this morning we are back to beautiful! :).

The rest of the week looks promising, too…

View from our balcony (23rd floor), looking towards Burleigh Heads (Monday)

View from our balcony with yesterday’s weather… muggy, thunderstorms and plenty of drizzle…

Whilst the husband is off to a conference barely 300 m away from our hotel in Broadbeach every day, I’ve spent the first two days getting used to the nauseatingly high views from our apartment. Being up on the 23rd floor with floor to ceiling windows is beautiful and terrifying at the same time but at last my knees have stopped buckling every time I look out the window – or dare I suggest?! – go out on the balcony!

I never would have thought that I am so ill at ease with heights (and I’m not even staying in the fancy Peppers Resort, which has 77 levels), the first night I could barely sleep… it’s been fun though lying on the bed at night and watching the world go by below you – how often can you do that right from your bedroom?!

View from bedroom at dusk

Four days later and I’ve mostly adjusted to these new heights. In fact, I even sat out on the balcony this morning and had my coffee watching people surfing, body boarding, swimming, doing yoga on the beach, being made to do awful things by their personal trainers (like sand crawling… yikes), running, cycling, drinking coffee while walking or just sunbaking. And all this at 5:30 am. I love getting up early too but it still amazes me how much is happening by 5:30 am (I guess with sunrises at 4:45 am and no daylight savings, that’s hardly surprising). I am, however, still just waking up…

The beach and view at 5:45 am this morning… all these tiny dot people walking along the beach…

Soon I will be engaged in more of this… So long!

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  1. Woah, so ein Ausblick vom Bett aus ist schon nicht schlecht 😀 Aber n bisschen mulmig wäre mir auch, zumindest auf dem Balkon. Und das Wetter war ja tatsächlich nicht nur schlecht 😉 Fehlt noch die Shoppingausbeute.

  2. Jaaa, der Ausblick ist einfach super! Auf der einen Seite ist der Balkon etwas breiter, da hab ich mich dann jetzt schon rausgetraut, aber die andere Seite ist mir einfach zu viel. Und direkt runtergucken geht gar nicht!

    Shoppingausbeute war leider nicht so spannend… 🙁


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