A Snapshot of Stunning Kananaskis Country

If you need some inspiration for travelling, hiking or simply getting outdoors, Kananaskis Country in Alberta, Canada, is it.

In fact, ever since our trip last year, I always find inspiration looking at Canada photos. They don’t have to be mine. Anyone’s. They make my heart ache. This country is just so incredibly beautiful.

So let me make your heart ache too by sharing some photos from Kananaskis Country.

Far from the Maddening Crowds in Kananaskis Country

Since Banff National Park turned out way too busy for us, we ended up staying only a couple of nights. Although we missed out on doing much hiking there, and thus seeing some amazing scenery around Banff and Lake Louise, we just couldn’t stand traipsing after 200 other people in single file as we did on our hike to the Plain of Six Glaciers.

So after talking to various Parks Canada rangers and some locals, we decided to head further south and explore Kananaskis Country (or K-Country if you’re a local), just south of Canmore in Alberta. Whilst it is not Rocky Mountains national parks country, K-Country is choc-a-bloc with Rocky Mountains provincial parks, all waiting to be explored!

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Kananaskis was the perfect escape from the busyness of Banff. And since we had nothing better to do, we stayed for three nights. While we barely scratched the surface with our five hikes there, what we did see was nothing short of breathtaking, including some amazing wildlife!

The wildlife icing on the cake was spotting two grizzly bears, which we were ridiculously ecstatic about after having managed to completely miss any sightings of them in the Yukon and BC.

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Totally not on our radar (we had never heard of the area), far enough away from the major tourist spots to give us a sense of remoteness, and beautifully devoid of tourists in late September, Kananaskis Country was heavenly (apart from the ridiculous cost of campsites). The only people we met were locals from around Canmore or Calgary, exploring their own stunning backyard. And what a backyard it is!

3 days in Kananaskis Country: A photo snapshot

Arriving in the town of Canmore amidst low hanging clouds and fog

Driving along Road 742 on our first afternoon in Kananaskis

Mountain ranges all the way along Road 742

Sunset along Road 742. We caught a glimpse of grizzly bear a couple of kilometres later but pretty much missed him because I was too taken by this view. *sigh* You can’t have everything.

Along the shores of Upper Kananaskis Lake with clouds enveloping Mt. Lyautey

Brilliant red mushrooms everywhere along the Upper Kananaskis Lake trail

Rawson Lake: We had absolutely no idea that we would find a lake at the end of our hike with such crystal clear reflections. You could hardly tell what’s reflection and what’s real

Mountain goat crossing Highway 40

At higher altitude, winter meets autumn a bit earlier

Hiking Ptarmigan Cirque at about 2,200m. In late September, it was somewhat fresh. 🙂

Snow, ice, rock rubble and debris on the mountain slopes at Ptarmigan Cirque

Along Kananaskis Trail (Highway 40) after our stunning hike up Ptarmigan Cirque. The weather couldn’t have been more glorious after two foggy and rainy days.

Barrier Lake. The husband went on a hike to the Prairie View lookout whilst I stayed behind reading a book in the sun.

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  1. I always love your photos!!! Wow you saw grizzlies! I think I would be scared.

    I haven’t explored much of my northern neighbors besides seeing Niagara Falls and a little bit of Toronto, but this has got me thinking that I really need to get out there and do some hiking and road tripping!!!

    • Ah, thanks Chewy! 🙂 We saw the grizzlies from the car so all safe. But I did get out of the car and snuck around it to get a better shot of one of them. They are massive animals and I wouldn’t want to meet one hiking!

      Canada is absolutely stunning, I totally fell in love with it. The mountains are incredible, we’ve got nothing like it in Australia and I can’t wait to return and see some more.

  2. Still, that sounds like you were quite close! So amazing that you could encounter them though!

    I do love me a good mountain! I may have to start planning a trip since I’m so close anyway. 🙂

    • Hi Sue,
      Is it really? Cool!! The hooves looked like goat ones to me (though I must admit I wasn’t thinking of those lovely white fluffy mountain goats, not sure why I wrote that, haha). Thanks for pointing that out.


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