There are few blogs around that give you information on campgrounds in Australia (and overseas) but I always struggle to get information that’s not just the basic facts (e.g. there are toilets, no showers, …) or how to get there (which can also be quite handy). I often want to know if it’s off the beaten track or what the general vibe was. Basically, would you ever go back?

So I’ve come up with my own ratings of a camp site. It’s not based on what facilities are offered since we don’t really care too much about that. But I will usually make a comment about toilets. Because toilets are important, everybody needs them. I’m happy to deal with anything from flush, composting to pit toilets as long as they’re clean. That’s my main criterion.

We’re into basic camp spots that are in beautiful locations and that leave you feeling relaxed and wanting to stay forever. The more isolated and on our own we are, the better.

All ratings are entirely subjective. Obviously. And I’m totally ok with that. 🙂

Campground rating: Tents
1 tent: Run away as fast as you can. It is so awful, words fail me.
3 tents: Don’t want to stay forever but it’s quite nice for a few days.
5 tents: When can we move in?!?!?!

In addition, given that the husband is such a fabulous mozzie magnet (which generally means he gets eaten alive while I may have a bite or two to show off), I award some of these lovely insects to indicate the general insect / mosquito impact at each camp site. This may not apply to all campgrounds.

Insect impact rating: Mozzies
1 mozzie: Even if you spend years here, your chances of meeting one aren’t high.
3 mozzies: Bearable, if you have some insect repellent.
5 mozzies: Infestation, or simply, death by mozzie.

Check out the campgrounds we thought were awesome and those that were not.

Graphics credit: The amazingly creative talents of my sister. 🙂