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My favourite scenic roads around the world

I love a good road trip (well, who doesn’t?). They work for me.

I can be independent, have some sort of a plan (or not) and go exploring wherever my fancy takes me. Road trips mean escaping the weather if it’s horrendous or staying put for longer if the weather (and schedule) allow.

But beyond that, road trips are all about travelling in a campervan or in our 4WD and camping for me, and that means being able to feed myself. Road trips make travel a whole lot easier when you’re dealing with dietary restrictions.

[Road trips can also be really tiring but that’s a topic for another post…]

So here are some scenic roads that I’ve enjoyed so much that the words stunning or breathtaking seem woefully inadequate.

5 Scenic Drives around the World

1. Haines Highway | Alaska, US / Yukon, Canada

This was one big surprise on our Canada road trip a couple of years.

Driving from the tiny town of Haines where our Alaska ferry docked to Haines Junction in the Yukon was one brilliant moment after another. Stunning scenery, autumn colours and almost no one in sight.

Trip length: ~300km


2. Rhine River: Koblenz to Rüdesheim | Germany

We loved cruising alongside the Rhine River so much that we went upstream and then followed that up with a downstream trip the next day.

Wine lovers adore this region but I just enjoyed the scenic river beds, quaint towns at every corner and myriad castles.

Trip length: ~70km one-way


3. Top of the World Highway | Alaska, US / Yukon, Canada

Basically driving anywhere in the Yukon or Alaska during autumn feels magical but driving on top of mountain ridges was simply spectacular. The Top of the World Highway is a gravel road that skirts through a vast and remote landscape and crosses from Alaska into the Yukon.

It’s an amazing drive.

We barely saw three cars go by… Plus how many isolated border checkpoints have you crossed that actually close for six months of the year?

Trip length: ~130km


4. Big Sur | California, US

Instead of Big Sur, I should probably have the Great Ocean Road here but it’s been such a long time since I’ve driven it that I can hardly remember.

Big Sur is, however, still in my mind. And how can it with sweeping coastal vistas, rugged cliffs and a narrow, winding road that keeps you close to the cliff edge. It’s an exhilarating drive that’s also a lot of fun! Or at least that’s what I thought when mum and I drove it some years ago… 🙂

Trip length: ~150km


5. Stuart Highway: Darwin to Alice Springs  | Northern Territory, Australia

Although not inherently scenic, the sheer distance between Darwin and Alice Springs, km to be exact, is mind-blowing. For vast stretches, there’s little to see, and yet, driving it is awe-inspiring as you cross from the lush, tropical north into drier desert country.

An iconic, must-do scenic drive in Australia.

Trip length: ~1,500km


What incredible road trips have you taken? What scenic roads should I add to my bucket list?

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